Jan 8, 2021 — PDF | We are the generation that has been watching the multi-dimensional growth ... SEO TECHNIQUES AND ITS IMPORTANCE IN DIGITAL MARKETING.

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SEO is part of the broader topic of. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), a term used to describe all marketing strategies for search. SEM entails both organic and ...
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The best way to think about search is to think of Google and Bing as Internet librarians. They take in ridiculous amounts of data from websites all over the ...
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Here are things that fall under digital marketing that are not SEO: • Conversion rate optimization. • Social media strategy. • PPC advertising.
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by I Norrgård · 2018 · Cited by 1 — SEO is a Digital Marketing technique that contributes to improving web accessibility. In the globalized world, people use Search Engines, such as Google, to ...
by RS Bhandari · 2018 · Cited by 33 — Search engine optimization, digital marketing, online marketing, digital campaigns, marketing performance, website traffic.
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on the Internet for. Google's index every day, every night, non stop. From here on, I'll be explaining various points on search engine optimization (SEO)!.
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Jun 22, 2021 — eBooks are a great way to learn SEO and these are high-quality SEO ... than 18 years of practical experience with SEO and digital marketing.
Learning the foundations of SEO is a vital step in achieving these. "For marketers, the Internet as a whole, and search in particular, are among the most.
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[Let’s jump right into the top

SEO sites to watch in the next


(in no particular order). 2022]

It’s been said that the only constant in SEO is

that it’s constantly changing.

This would be us if the book said The Art of

SEO Strategy

Our team tends to go to multiple sources

because no single SEO site is enough for the

constant changes and updates in the SEO world.

This is why, to stay on top of our game, we

have to research and read a lot of industry

news and advice.


Search Engine Land provides insights into

Google and other search engine updates and

explains industry trends. It shares plenty of

tactics and strategies that help its readers

launch successful SEO campaigns.

From daily news coverage to in-depth analysis

of new features, Search Engine Land is one of

the go-to websites for SEO professionals.

2. MOZ

With over half a million active members, Moz

is the largest community of SEOs. The

company uses that community to share

industry knowledge and shed some light on

the mysteries of search engines.

It has endless resources for everyone from

beginner to pro, so its one of the best places

to start if you’re looking to learn more about

SEO or hone your tactics.


SEO is one of those aspects of digital

marketing that touches pretty much

everything. It’s a very wide umbrella that

includes content marketing.

Content marketing doesn’t necessarily mean

SEO, but it also doesn’t not mean SEO, which

is why it’s on this list.

Content Marketing Institute is a leader in

content marketing education and training. If

you’re new to content strategy and creation,

CMI is a good place to start to grow your

knowledge. It has guides and templates that

will get you on the right path.


Brian Dean has made a name for himself and

his blog, Backlinko, by publishing huge

studies and guides full of SEO advice.

He claims to share only tips and strategies that

work and will get you higher rankings. He

publishes posts about how he increased his

organic traffic by crazy-high percentages in a

short amount of time and definitive

guides for building backlinks and keyword



Ahrefs has one of the biggest databases of

backlinks, and — since, again, everything the

light touches is SEO — backlinks are a huge

part of that.

But Ahrefs doesn’t only do backlinks; it has

detailed tutorials, case studies, and articles

from industry experts. It’s always a good idea

to have Ahrefs in your bookmarks folder and

as an integral part of your marketing toolbox.


SEMrush is another powerful tool in your

marketing arsenal, made by marketers for

marketers. It originated as an in-house tool

for its own marketing efforts, but then it

became one of the biggest SEO tools in the


SEMrush offers a blog and webinars full of

information to help you grow your SEO

knowledge and your business.


That’s right; we’re going to plug our own blog

in a list of top SEO sites to watch, because we

have no shame, and we think you’d really

enjoy it.

Our blog has a lot of helpful SEO and content

marketing posts for professionals in marketing

at all levels. We also do our best to make sure

our content is easy to understand for business

owners who don’t have a huge marketing

team at their disposal and need to do it


We also send a newsletter once a month so

that you won’t be bombarded with emails. All

you’ll get is a friendly email from an SEO site

written by your friendly neighborhood digital

marketing agency. It makes it easy to keep up

with the digital marketing trends and tips

we’re writing about each week.


Search Engine Journal is a helpful website full

of marketing news and information. Even

though it discusses a lot more than just SEO

on Search Engine Journal, it’s known for its

astute insights and helpful strategies.

Whether you want to know about industry

news or the newest SEO trends for the next

year, SEJ is the place to be.


We’ve written before about how

the Yoast plugin is basically spellcheck for your

SEO. It’s a helpful tool for those just starting

out writing SEO content and for those of us

who need a second set of eyes just in case.

Yoast also offers SEO basics and training on its

website so you can grow your knowledge. It’s

a good place to start if you have questions

that need answers, such as “which pages

should I noindex or nofollow?” and “why

doesn’t Google index my content properly?”


Like Backlinko and Brian Dean, Neil Patel has

built a name for himself as a knowledgeable

SEO expert. He posts huge guides on SEO

and content marketing that are some of the

best resources around.

If you’re just starting out, his blog is full of

101 guides that are comprehensive and easy

to understand.



SEO is about communicating to Google that

your site is worth displaying on search engine

results pages. A customized solution from

Digital Strike can help you grow your business

through SEO.

Do you want to convert searchers into leads and grow your customer base?

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